Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Some of my favorite readings for this class was poems. The shortness and way they are wrote just seem to make me smile and I could read poems on and off all the time. Sometimes they are really cool and other times I just have to turn my head to the side and really think about what was going on in the poem. Like the Storm poem. It was really cool and I enjoyed it but I had to read it a few times to get it through my head. Especially to get the meaning. I was picturing everything as if first but then I looked further into it and really saw what the meaning of the story. What I felt like was that the author was saying sometimes we just have to ride out the storm because everything will get better. I really took that to heart because I've had a hard time this semester getting use to everything. I've been in school for years and becoming tired. I've also started a full time job that seems to be sucking all my time. So I've been craving the summer and to get rid of one stress. Don't get me wrong I love school, especially English, but I needed to concentrate on one thing. But I've been able to get through this semester successfully.

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  1. Not too many of my students admit that they enjoy the Poetry Pod, mainly because they don't enjoy it! It was refreshing to read your supportive comments for this genre. I have missed you, Adrian!