Saturday, March 23, 2013


EE Cummings poem about America really makes me smile because there is so much glory in the poem. He really likes America. The poem really made me sing part of it because when I read the words. Being raised to sing the National Anthem whenever I read it really has taken a toll. Music has always made me smile so it really just left me singing the entire thing.

Dance Dance!

I love dancing so when I had a chance to read about dancing I jumped on it. When given the picture to contrast and compare, it made me think of this video. I love the Step Up series so when I was reading the poem, I was reminded of this. This is a video of a dance in a art museum. It's really pretty. It's all about being yourself and expressing yourself much like the picture and the poem. My favorite part of this is the ballerina dance. I love their tutus. But it really makes me thing of the dance they had described in the poem.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Storm

This passage really shocked me in the least when I read it. Before I had it an was slightly confused but then I reread it. Upon re-reading it, I really saw something in it. It was like the saying about everything gets better after the storm. I really felt like everyone needed a storm to refresh their spirits and outlook on like. The love tryst is really what got me. The way they just seemed to need a time to restart everything and then go on to their lives before.