Friday, October 26, 2012

Uncle Tom's Cabin

This brings back memories. I truly remember reading this back in 6th grade at school. That was one of my favorite years. I loved my teacher and she really helped bring this book to life. It made me wanna read it.

Back then I really didn't like reading the old books that we had to read. They were always boring and something I just wasn't interested in. But this book was able to keep my attention somewhat.

Though I had to disagree with some of the terminology. I, for one, don't like using or even hearing (in this case, reading) the word nigger. I know it was a common word back then. Even now I do hear it from the older generations and some of the 'ghetto'. I don't care how it is used or if the person you are talking about doesn't mind being called it, I personally do not like the word. It's just one of those words that really bother me. Maybe it's the way I was raised.

I can't read on Uncle Tom's Cabin for very long because the word shows up so frequently. I realize that back then the word was used a lot an very common. I have to back away from it for a few minutes and take a breather. It's kind of like the conservative person who never cusses and then is around a person who cusses a lot. Granted you hear it everywhere but there are still people that do not like hearing it and find such foul terms disrespectful and have to walk away to clear their mind. I'm like that with that word and a few other foul words.

But other then that, I really enjoy the book. It gives a lot of insight about the way the world was back then. And it shows both sides but also points out that not everyone was mean to their slaves. It was relief that not every slave was beaten and battered for some reason whether it was warranted or not.