Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scarlet Letter Spin Off

This movie is hilarious but it really fits with the Scarlet Letter. The spin on it is that she's faking the entire time. Olive is getting paid to take guys' 'virginity'. But it's all a ruse. Throughout the movie you really can see how Hester might have felt when she got rejected because of her affair. The group of Christians keep praying for Olive. However in the story, Hester just seems to get rejected by the people. Other then the minister you really don't hear of anyone praying for her to be saved. Not even her little girl gets prayers. She gets rejected and called mean names.

I love the twist they put on the movie to make it fit with the modern times. Having children out of wedlock is so common now that it doesn't have much impact like it did with Hester. More or less the A for Olive stood for her sleeping around a lot. or in other words, it was because they were labeling her as a slut. They didn't know the truth until they end. In both story and movie, the story came out in the end.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poison Ivy

As I was reading through Rappacino's daughter, I couldn't help but think about Poison Ivy from Batman. Both have to incorporate poison and flowers. Both girls love to be in a garden. If I remember correctly Poison Ivy has a greenhouse. Beatrice has a garden.

But that's not what really got me thinking about this connection. It was the immunity to poison. Beatrice could be around all that as could Poison Ivy. I won't lie the ending caught me off guard because I really felt as if this was somewhat of a precursor for Batman.

But she died and as I thought about it, I saw no reason that Beatrice couldn't have been the original Poison Ivy. It was just that she wasn't a villain or a Nature activist that was killing to save the ecosystem. Beatrice was a very kind hearted young woman who fell in love with Giovanni and then he too became poisonous. Not the same idea as Poison Ivy but it really has the same basis. The only thing different is that Poison Ivy kills with her kiss while it seemed Beatrice made Giovanni immune to poison with hers. I honestly can't remember if Giovanni and Beatrice kissed, I just assumed so.

Now I have to admit that it made me cry when Beatrice was killed but it was suppose to help her. I don't know how Poison Ivy died so I can't compare the two.

Friday, November 2, 2012


The leaves are gorgeous out right now. The colors are so vibrant and pretty. My drive to and from school and work is so nice.

It really reminds me of the Nature story I had read. Fall is my favorite time of year. I really just like looking at the leaves. Walking through them is a personal favorite of mine. It's the one time I feel closest to nature. It's so peaceful and so cool.

I love summer and walking through it but its not the same as the fall. Maybe because in the fall I'm use to the harvest and roasting marshmallows with hot chocolate. I remember watching the tractors harvest all around. Having leaves fall over my head. I just love it.